“I've never been to Russia”

(2019 / 2022)

With the work “I’ve never been to Russia”, which began in 2019 and shows Russia going astray, Teryoshin deals with his homeland, which is gradually slipping into fascism. Whether religious parades or Victory Day in the pouring rain with slogans like “We could repea it!” on the red square, studios of propaganda tv shows or the notorious “Pavlov’s dog” under museum glass in St.Petersburg, which stands for classical conditioning, Teryoshin is always looking for suitable motifs that describe his feeling towards the zeitgeist. However, an always critical photo-documentary examination leads to a dead end on February 24th, 2022. Teryoshin posts a picture of a burning Russian passport under the caption "Not in my Name” and decides not to return to his homeland for the time being in protest against the war.

Joop Swart Masterclass 2019 project

“Not in my Name”, February 2022