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Hornless Heritage, 2014 - 2017
German dairy cow in the age of its technical reproducibility

Also known as turbo cows, german dairy breeds like german cars are very popular all over the world because of their performance and reliability. Thanks to computer technologies in the last decades german scientists got millions of breeding values together and a knowledge about the genomic code, which allows them to create and design the "Übercow" with up to four times higher milk output and will even let the horns soon disappear.
Evolutionary horns mean for a cow protection and autonomy. They are even important for the milk performance and overall condition of the animal. For the life in a huge fully automated farms with hundreds of cows, horns are too dangerous. After decades of painfull dehorning of cattles with a branding iron. Due to german breeders and scientists in the future cows could be hornless by birth and remain the same milk performance.
So is it the role of a milk machine, which remains for the cow itself as a living being in this technological, financial and perfectional race with hardly any limitations?

- Shortlisted at the Athens Photo Festival 2017